Best Self-Help Books for Men in 2017

Best Self help books 2017Self-help books are available by the thousands, written by authors from all walks of life. You may have passed the self-help aisle in the bookstore, or checked out the self-help section on Amazon, but you may not know where to even start or whether or not these books offer advice and strategies you can trust.

The best self-help books for men are the ones that help the reader to achieve a specific purpose, quickly. There are many types of self-help books to choose from, ranging from careers and finance to personal relationships and motivation.

Choosing a book that’s a winner, one that has been proven to offer great advice and effective methods that can help you make more money or have a more fulfilling life can be difficult to find considering the thousands of books you’ll find available online.

Which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top five best self-help books for men. Each of these books offers different financial strategies, tips, and words of inspiration that can help you to overcome any challenges that lie ahead, whether it’s a lack of productivity or the wrong mindset.

We have left out the popular book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Considering it’s one of the best self-help books for men of all time, we decided to give it a separate, more in-depth review that you can find here.

However, we did include another of Robert Kiyosaki’s works which you’ll find in the list below.

These books have a reputation for offering sound advice, enjoyable, engaging reading material, and helpful tips and strategies. But don’t think just by simply reading one of these books that you’ll be on your way to success and financial greatness. One thing these authors have in common is their drive for success, their strong work ethic, and the ability to engage those around them in order to make important changes in their life happen.

Our goal was to help you narrow down your search to find a book that offered the most solid advice based on your financial goals or business success. We guarantee that our list will include the book you’ve been searching for.

Self-help books are very popular all over the world, especially since there seems to be a book for every purpose. But before you begin shopping for one online, there are some factors you should consider first. Fortunately for you, we’ve also included an extensive guide to buying self-help books, so you can learn more about your options and what to look for in order to find the right book that can change your life.

Comparison Chart

Financial Freedom Playbook
Unshakeable- Your Financial Freedom Playbook Review
2/28/17Paperback, hardcover, audio, EbookFinance, motivational$$$ Check Amazon Price
Increase Your Financial IQ
Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial IQ Review
9/18/15Paperback, hardcover, audio, EbookFinance, motivational$$ Check Amazon Price
Your Money or Your Life
Your Money or Your Life Review
10/10/08Paperback, audio, EbookFinance, new age, motivational$ Check Amazon Price
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Review
10/13/09Paperback, hardcover, audio, EbookFinance, new age, motivational$$$$ Check Amazon Price
Getting Things DoneGetting Things Done Review2001- 2015Paperback,eBook,audioWorkplace success, motivational, organization$$ Check Amazon Price

Quick Summary

Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook

The author is a legend in the industry, and here, he walks readers through what it takes to be successful and the changes you must make to reach your financial goals. However, if you’ve read some of the author’s other books some of the material can feel a little redundant.

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Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money

The author shares with readers many stories from his personal life and the innovative ways he took advantage of the situation in order to make the best financial decisions. He features a number of methods you can try in order to increase your finances and stresses the importance of educating yourself on how to make and manage money.

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Your Money or Your Life

The author takes a new age approach to how people view their finances and instead suggests that the reader must learn how to find the central values in their life and learn how to live their life more fully by appreciating what they already have. The book is designed to change and improve the reader’s relationship with money.

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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

This book is designed more to change the way the reader thinks about money as opposed to offering any solid financial advice. The author provides a number of strategies the reader can use to basically increase their self-worth and learn how to think like a millionaire, with the realization that anything is possible.

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Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

This book provides readers with an innovative way to handle workflow in order to improve better organization and productivity, and reduce stress. He focuses on the importance of organization and a positive attitude, both of which can help the reader to tackle even the most complex assignments in the workplace.

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1.    Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook Review-Best Self-Help Book for Men

Unshakeable- Your Financial Freedom Playbook ReviewUnshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook by Tony Robbins is his latest book that features a few key points: first, while no one is able to predict wat will occur in the short term, the stock market has time and time again experienced a market correction about once a year. The average correction is a ten percent drop. A bear is when the market drops more than twenty percent, but fortunately, a bear market is rare. However, once you’re in a bear market, things can change unexpectedly and rapidly. Because of this, it’s very important that you remain invested in the market at all times.

Many of the topics covered in this book are described in great detail in Robbins’ previous book titled Money Master the Game: Seven Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. Those who have read the Money Master book will not find much new material in Unshakeable.


Investors will learn about the seven questions to ask a financial advisor before hiring her or him, while they’ll also learn excellent information they can use to minimize 401k fees. Throughout the book, index funds are heavily promoted, which is great information for investors. The first chapter of this book emphasizes the importance of encouraging millennials to invest in the market.


This book is promoted as a step by step guide to money mastery, however, it fails to offer a specific place to start aside from hiring a fiduciary and investing in index funds. The reader will need to go over many pages of general investing principles, instead of simple steps that they can apply immediately. This book tends to focus too much on the psychological aspects of money, as opposed to the specific how-to steps. The guide is this book is lacking in specifics. The author focuses on using examples of his own investments, in addition to some basic principles, which can’t be easily replicated if you’re a new investor. While some of the examples used in this book may seem a bit extreme, overall, the book provides good advice.


Many readers will benefit from reading this book and the tough, determined mindset promoted. This book does a good job of reminding the reader that they must remain calm in the event of a correction or a bear market when other investors are panicking. Probably the biggest disappoint is the book’s real lack of step by step instructions, which other financial pros have been able to achieve. Ultimately, if you’re new to investing, the book provides some solid advice and plenty of encouragement that will provide you with more confidence as you learn how to successfully navigate the stock market.

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2.    Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ Review-Best Book for the Novice

Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial IQ ReviewIn Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ by Robert Kiyosaki, the author states that financial education is just as important as academic education. He explains exactly what financial education is, how it can be used in your favor, and why it’s important.

He goes on to say that one of the most basic financial keywords you must know are liabilities and assets. Liabilities will take away money while assets will give it to you. Rent money from a tenant is considered passive income because the renter is living in your investment, while the real estate property itself is an asset. A good example of a liability is school loans.

For many years, the author has believed that the best investment you can make is taking the time to learn more about finances and how they work. The book discusses five key points involving financial knowledge. The author provides real insight on the steps you must take to enjoy a wealthier lifestyle:

•    Readers will learn how to increase their money, how to assess their financial worth, and how to begin mapping out a financial future.

•    The reader will also learn how to protect their money and how to keep more money come tax season.

•    Readers will also learn how to enjoy some of the finer things in life while on a budget.

•    The author discusses how to accelerate your wealth.


Reading this book is a good way to increase your financial knowledge. This book contains many business building, investing, and budgeting tips. Readers will learn how to leverage and manage their money. The author teaches readers about good debt and how you can get there from piled up bad debt.

Most of this book discusses the psychology of making money and the psychology of investing. He also discusses in great detail a number of strategies that can accelerate your wealth. He uses many real examples from his life, including how he started his first business. He also discusses his psyche behind his business making decisions, from start to finish. One of his best personal stories involves flying to North Vietnam during the war to purchase gold. In another chapter, he goes into detail regarding how politics and the government can affect investments and the economy. He also goes into depth regarding what he currently believes to be the best investment at this time.


If you’ve read other books by this author, then you’ll want to skip the repetitive personal stories. Aside from this, the book is full of plenty of useful financial information.


If you’re searching for a book that offers great financial advice on being successful, then this book is really worth the read. While many new readers found this book very helpful and informative, if you’ve read any of Kiyosaki’s books then you may feel a little frustrated at times as he shares many of the same personal stories you’ll find in his last book. Overall, we felt that this book contained plenty of useful financial information and tips that will motivate you to make some serious lifestyle changes in order to enjoy a more luxurious lifestyle as you avoid many of the common investment mistakes most newbies make.

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3.    Your Money or Your Life Review-Best New Age Financial Advice

Your Money or Your Life ReviewThe book Your Money or Your Life is written by Vicki Robin. This book is somewhat unusual in terms of personal finance books that you’ll commonly find at your local bookstore. To begin with, the book doesn’t feature much concrete information regarding how to increase your wealth. So, what does this book offer instead?

Instead of focusing on being rich, the book delves into finding the central values in your life and learning how to realign your life and finances in order to follow these values. The idea behind this is that most people’s financial problems are actually connected to a lack of fundamental direction in life. Most people work to simply earn money, not because they love the work they do.

This book uses many unorthodox methods to expose this truth. Must of the book is focused on defining values.

The real purpose of the book is designed to reframe your relationship with money, instead of reframing how you manage money. This book has a new age feel to it and makes no qualms about stating that most people live during the week just to make it to the weekend instead of learning to love all of their life.

As far as finance books go, this book is fairly long, however, it provides plenty of food for thought even if you don’t fully believe in the overall plan.


The book works to change your perspective on money. The steps used are unusual, but they typically bring to light the real value of money in your life, as opposed to the value you place on money. The book’s plan includes nine steps to change your relationship with money. The prologue features important questions to ask yourself that will really get you thinking about your finances. Instead of being a guide to what you should do with your money in order to make more, it focuses instead on what you can do with your money to make life more fulfilling. This is the perfect book for people who have a guilt-filled relationship with their money.


If you’re looking for a book that teaches you about investing, then this book is not for you. Instead, the book uses a more new age approach with a main goal is to teach readers how to change the way they perceive money and how to maximize the money they have now, how to live on a tight budget, and how to assess their priorities in life.


As we have mentioned, this book on finance takes a totally different approach than many financial self-help books for men. The book encourages readers to get in touch with themselves, and explains how they can really connect with their finances in order to value what they have. While the author uses a style that may drive some readers away, it’s this unique way of assessing finances that make the book feel more personable and more manageable than many other personal finance books on the market.

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 4. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth Review-Best Motivational Book

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind ReviewThe book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker discusses how you can revise and identify your money blueprint in order to accumulate wealth and increase your income. The author used these principles to go from nothing to millionaire status in a little over two years. The idea behind these strategies is to combine your outer game with your inner mind game in order to get rich.

The strategies in this book are designed to be applied, so the author encourages readers to really study the book in order to keep using what works and ditch anything that doesn’t. He makes it a point to stress that a person can consciously decide to release any way of being or thinking and replace them with new ones.


The book takes a different approach to becoming a millionaire, one that some readers will find very refreshing. This book is all about creating a new way of thinking in terms of your abilities and your financial goals.

The author stresses that a person’s level of success is mainly dependent on their beliefs, thinking, and character. The results the reader can expect such as increasing their wealth, improving their health, and even losing weight, are all a reflection of their inner world. In order for the principles in this book to work, the reader must be prepared to get rid of their own way of thinking. When the author uses the term money blueprint, he’s referring to that default financial setting that many people constantly fall back to. A person’s internal thermostat can be set in such a manner that they earn only hundreds of dollars, or it can be changed so you end up earning millions. The only way a person can change their level of financial success permanently is to reset their financial thermostat. In this book Eker explains that there are three main sources of programming: specific incidents, modeling, and verbal. He also goes on to explain how this type of programming can be changed with the use of four elements, including: reconditioning, disassociation, understanding, and awareness. The author also goes over declarations. A declaration is a positive state of intention. It’s different than an affirmation which is stated in a manner that suggests the goal is already happening. A declaration is powerful because they carry their own unique vibrational frequencies. Using these declarations can send a powerful message out into the universe.


Instead of solid financial strategies to follow to earn more money the author focuses more on how to change your way of thinking in order to reach your goals. The new age feel may be enough to cause serious investors to search for a more factual read.


This book has a new age edge to it with helpful tips and conditioning you can use to change your mindset in terms of how you think of your finances and what you’re capable of achieving.

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5.    Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity Review-Best Book for Workplace Success

Getting Things Done ReviewGetting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity was written by David Allen over a decade ago, yet it still remains impressively popular among business professionals. The author explains that a person’s productivity is closely linked to their ability to relax. If a person is unable to effectively separate their home life with their work life, they can end up feeling worn down, and the quality of their work will suffer. The author writes that the key to earning more money lies within perspective and control. Before a person can figure out their five-year plan and goals, both professionally and personally, they must know exactly how they’re going to complete daily tasks. Allen argues that only by prioritizing every individual assignment, and organizing and grouping together similar tasks can a person streamline their workflow. This type of workflow will depend on taking all of your incomplete assignments and sorting through them based on the deadline and complexity of every task. This allows us to externalize our timetables, freeing up headspace that’s normally dedicated to maintaining a busy to do list.


This book is perfect for individuals who find themselves overwhelmed in the workplace and don’t know what they can do in order to increase their productivity. It’s also a great choice for people who are new to working in an office environment. The book can really help a person to learn how to prioritize in the workplace, which, in turn, can also increase the quality of their work.


The benefits of using the methods in this book aside, we felt that the book was a bit padded. Once the author lays out the basics for his productivity strategy, he tends to spend the rest of the book repeating his ideas over and over again, while applying them to different types of scenarios. Spread out to almost three hundred pages, reading that organization and positive thinking are the right ways to go about leading a more successful career can get old fast. However, considering this book is more than a decade old and many people continue to buy it, use it, and recommend it, gives us the impression that while a little repetitive at times, the information is still relevant in this day and age.


This is a great buy for anyone who wants to get a better handle on their productivity in the workplace or for people who want to institute a new efficient workflow system. Most people can agree that stress is a major obstacle when it comes to productivity and by using this innovative organizational system you can help break down complex problems into more manageable parts that you can complete without all of the anxiety you’d normally experience. The author’s thoughtful presentation regarding the concept that finding the right balance in a work environment that places more demands on employees is very valuable and crucial.

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Self-Help Book Buying Guide

On your search for the right self-help book, you’ll run into four different categories, but there are also a number of subcategories to choose from.

•    Career: This category will cover getting along with coworkers, succeeding in your career, switching careers, finding a job, and anything in between.

•    Finances: This category will cover investing/saving money, building a retirement nest egg, how to get deals on certain items, and how to grow your money.

•    Business: This category tends to overlap with careers. It will cover starting a business, handling business matters, working with an adviser, and how to take your business to the next level.

•    Relationships: Books on relationships will provide information on dating, and how to be successful in relationships. Some topics can include how to find the right woman, how to ask a woman out, and how to turn up the romance in a relationship.

How Can I Find a Good Self-Help Book?

Good Self-Help Book

Do you want to make more money? Do you need to figure out a way to get organized at work? Do you want to learn how to grow your business? These days, men commonly struggle to succeed in the workplace as the cost of living continues to climb.

If you’re like many people, you’ll try to solve these problems in your life by searching online or hitting up the self-help aisle at Barnes and Noble. Did you know that these books now account for around two billion dollars in books sales a year? Forty percent of adults have purchased a self-help book at least once in their life.

When you shop online for a book, you’ll find thousands of options per category on Amazon. Given this staggering amount, how is it possible to decide where to begin looking for a book that can really help you? Fortunately, you can narrow down your search by following some of the simple guidelines below.

Before you hit that buy now button, take a look at these guidelines. Even if this type of purchase won’t cost you much, you may end up following the wrong advice and wasting a lot of time using methods that aren’t effective or reliable. Getting the wrong book can really set you back in your search for the right answers to the problems you’re facing in your life right now.


Start off by looking into the author’s credentials. You’re probably thinking you should look for authors with a master’s degree in psychology or some other related field. You may think that the only good self-help author will be one that has had several years of training in the sciences and academia. And you’re right. Yes, it’s much better if the author has a certain amount of knowledge and experience in their field.  However, keep in mind that the author’s experience and training will tell you only part of their story. You really can’t judge a book entirely based on the author’s educational background.

Many of the authors who slap their name on a self-help book didn’t write all of the content. They will actually work with a ghost writer who translates much of the fancy academic dialogue into words the average reader can understand. Just keep in mind that often, you’re reading a version of their expert advice that’s been altered somewhat. Some of it will be watered down, even if it’s accurate.

Never hesitate to do a quick online search of the author in order to track down their background and training to ensure that it matches the experience and knowledge that the author claims to possess. You might also want to check out if the author has written any other books and learn how those books were received by the public.

Before you buy, take a look at the contents of the book and check out the publication date. Be wary of any book that was written before the 90s. If you’re satisfied with the author and consider them a legitimate source and the research seems sound, you can then move on to determine if the book offers and a specific value for you.

A good self-help book will follow the basic principles of good therapy.

Is the Writing Engaging?

A successful self-help author has to make their readers feel as though they’re engaged in a type of therapeutic experience. A good author or book will establish a relationship with the reader by creating a book that makes the reader feel as though there’s hope.  It should also be easy to use, gets you to commit to working with the book, shows that the author has a deep understanding of your problems, and provides you with a little advice you can apply right away.

The author can develop a relationship with the reader by allowing them to feel confident using the techniques provided. The techniques should be helpful and show a responsiveness to your feelings. While you’re not going to get any individualized feedback, the author must have experience working with people in your situation, which will allow them to anticipate your thoughts and questions.

An author can further individualize this teaching process by providing readers with the chance to learn how to adapt the book to their own abilities and objectives. Steer clear of authors who use the phrase “you must do this” in order to get results. Instead, search for an author who provides their readers with options.

In order to maintain the relationship the author has with their reader, they should also anticipate that the reader will be tempted to give up. The author’s job will be to build in some flexibility in order to allow for many types of readers who are looking for real guidance in the pages of their book.

Quality Writing

Next, be critical with the quality of the writing. A self-help book should be well-written. Unlike the type of writing that goes into academic or technical writing, self-help book material should be easy enough for the reader to go through so that they won’t feel like they can’t handle paying attention to the material. You should also be wary of an author who offers basic information. This is where the author’s expertise will come into play. A reader wants to learn something they don’t already know.

Scan the pages of the book and see if any of the excerpts you find offer information written at a level that fits the knowledge of the topic and your reading style. From the first sentence, you can get a pretty good idea whether an author is engaging or boring. This can be an easy way to determine whether the author has something to say that you actually want to listen to. If not, keep looking until you’re satisfied that the book is something that you would look forward to reading.

Will the book motivate you? The book’s format can play a crucial role in determining whether you’ll take the advice seriously and apply it.

If the advice in a self-help book you’re interested in doesn’t ring true, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the book isn’t any good. For some, certain advice is just harder to swallow, so try not to reject any of the ideas you don’t agree with. You should be willing to look critically at the advice, especially if you’re planning to base a major decision on it.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be more prepared to choose the best self-help book for men. Fortunately, there’s a lot to learn from the self-help community of authors, just as long as you feel the material is helpful, easy to understand, and can be realistically applied to your own unique situation.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind Before You Buy Another Self-Help Book

Self Help Book

Often the authors of self-help books and the people who read them get a bad rap. These books are thought to be mostly useless and their followers are believed to consist of people who are desperate in their search for success.

For some people, spending a lot of money on motivational books while also ignoring the fact that their life showed no noticeable signs of improvement isn’t enough to deter them from buying the next popular book. But it can also be disappointing to finally finish a book and realize that you walked away with absolutely nothing. No knowledge you can use and apply to your problems, no solution to your dwindling savings and no hope that life will get better.

So before you invest your money and time in another book, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

1.    Not every book will give you all of the answers to all of your problems. An author taps into their own instincts, insight and researches the topic, but the fact is, there’s no fool-proof guide for how to live your life successfully. There is no magic answer. What you’ll get are proven ideas that have helped the author. It will be your job to follow through with the advice, apply it, and determine how you can use it to improve your life.

The authors have suggestions, advice, experiences, and ideas. Some are even talented enough to have a gift for conveying their message in a way that will cause something inside you to click.

Don’t buy a self-help book thinking it has all the answers. Buy one knowing that the answer is in you somewhere.

2.    These books are a collection of ideas, and these ideas can be completely useless unless you do something about them. Authors are not superior beings that can make important changes in your life happen. Only you can do that. Do not buy the book if you’re not willing to make sacrifices and work hard to make important changes in your life.

3.    If a book doesn’t resonate with you, then it’s not a good book for you. This isn’t to say the book isn’t good, it’s just not good for you. If you find yourself struggling to get through every chapter, just set the book down and move on. There’s no point in finishing the book if you’re not getting anything out of it. Instead, give the book to someone else for whom it might be the perfect book at the right time. Don’t try to force someone else’s ideas into your life if you don’t feel a connection or excitement over the prospect of using these ideas and advice to improve your life.

4.    Don’t just stop at one book. As long as you’re alive, you’ll always be searching for answers. As you grow older, you’re constantly learning more about yourself. You relish the experience of learning new ways to succeed, finding solutions to common problems, and learning that it is possible to change. No matter how much the last book helped you to move forward, or how much you loved it, there will come a time when you realize you still want to go further. At this time you’ll be relieved that there’s always a self-help book you can turn to that can offer even just a little guidance during a rocky time in your life when success is just within your grasp.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a lot of thought and research that can go into finding the best self-help book for men that really works. And the reality is, what worked for one person may not work for you. Ultimately, it will depend on your willingness to work hard to make important life changes, your drive for success, your financial goals, your personal goals, and where you want to be in life just a few years down the line. Do you see yourself running your own company? Do you dream of rising to the top of your field? Do you want to turn your savings account into a real estate empire? For many, these goals are possible, they just need to take the right steps and the right advice to give them the edge and knowledge they need to make it happen. This list of the best-selling books for men are designed to give you that push you need, but if you don’t have the drive for success, this type of information will be wasted on you.